Dress Code

All dancers of STUDIO 1 are required to adhere to their class dress code.

General Guidelines

All dancers of STUDIO 1 are required to adhere to their class dress code. Should a student not be dressed properly for class they may be asked to observe or sit out. It is extremely important for all students to be dressed and prepared before the start of class. We’d like to remind parents of younger students to please use the restroom before the start of class to avoid any loss of class time.  In our experience, dancers are more focused and work harder when their attire is neat and not a distraction.

All Competition teams will use the Capezio Le Femme Pedini in black or carmel. Please have your dancer check them off with a director before allowing them to wear the shoes in class. Jewelry will not be allowed in any class. However, Stud earrings are permitted.

Dance 1 Combo Class Attire

  • A solid black or pink leotard, Pink tights and pink ballet shoes
  • OR a fitted tight tank top and dance shorts. No sweats or street clothes please.
  • Please have dancer’s hair pulled back tightly into either a ponytail or bun.

Mini/Jr Elite Ballet Classes

  • A solid Black or Pink leotard, pink tights and pink split sole ballet shoes.
  • Please have dancer’s hair pulled back tightly into bun.

ALL Sr. Elite/ Company Ballet classes

  • A solid black leotard for week day classes, pink professional convertible tights with the seam down the back. NO holes! Skirts and legwarmers are allowed by teacher’s permission.
  • A colored leotard and black tights are only allowed for Saturday classes.
  • Pink split sole ballet shoes and/or appropriate pointe shoes or soft blocks.
  • Hair must be secured tightly into a bun. No bangs.


  • Tight fitting dance tops, unitards, biker shorts, half tops and leggings are permitted.

Hip Hop

  • Comfortable clothing, sweats, baggy shorts etc. No jeans. Please wear tennis shoes, no bare feet or flip flops


  • Tight fitting tank top or half top, Latin skirt or leggings.
  • Suntan Ballroom shoes 2 1/2 -3 inch heel. Heel guards MUST always be worn.